Candidate will be handling the company’s accounts to ensure payments are done on a timely basis. Sound knowledge of accounting and Excel are needed to maximize efficiency.

• Review and ensure management accounts and management reports are prepared on a timely basis.
• Manage the accounting and finance to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the day to day accounting and financial operation.
• Provide supporting on all financial matters such as accounting analysis, reporting, financial planning and cost controlling.
• Prepare tax computation and deferred tax and oversee treasury and statutory matters relating to the business operation and ensure compliance with local statutory regulations.
• Responsible in compilation of information for the company’s GST returns and annual tax returns.
• Prepare timely submission of GST report and reconciliation.
• Provide efficient and effective account payable control which including the cash flow management and creditor’s payment management.
• Ensure all Intercompany transactions are correctly taken up in the accounts. Confirm month end balances and execute payments to intercompany.


Responsible for bringing customer’s design to life on proposed material. Candidate must be precise, detailed and careful to ensure final product is like planned design.

• Determine and measure dimensions and spacing of designs, letters or patterns.
• Learn to program and control machine settings.
• Engrave and print patterns, designs, etchings, trademarks, or lettering onto flat or curved surfaces of a wide variety of metal, glass, plastic, or paper items, using hand tools or hand-held power tools.
• Observe actions of cutting tool and adjust stylus movement for most accurate cutting.
• Clean and polish engraved areas.
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